Top 5 Female Writers from 17-20 Century

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5. Mary Anne Evans(1882-1941)

She was really one of the most sceptical, unusual creatures I ever knew, he recalled, insurgent writer.”
-William Hale White

Pen Name:George Eliot
Wrote: 5 Novels
Concept:Psychological of the characters, romance, and free thinking from religion
Lived in: Chelsea, London, United Kingdom
Recommended work: “Middlemarch”

4. Jane Austen(1775-1817)

“She uses irony and humour to show her personal opinions on society. Satire is used by Jane Austen to show unintelligible behaviour in morals or ethics and stupid social manners.”
-Michael Kellner

Pen Name: A Lady
Wrote: 6 Novels
Concept:Gender roles, social class, morals, and romance
Lived in: Steventon, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Recommended work: Pride and Prejudice 

3. Charlotte Bronte 1816-55

“Jane Eyre, which is really a wonderful book, very peculiar in parts, but so powerfully and admirably written, such a fine tone in it, such fine religious feeling, and such beautiful writings. ”
-Queen Victoria journal

Pen Name: Currer Bell
Wrote:  poems and three other novels
Concept: Gender roles, Environment, 
Lived in: Thornton, Yorkshire, England
Recommended work:  “Jane Eyre”(1847)

2. The Poet Emily Dickenson(1830-1886)

“The most Paradoxical of poets; The very poet of Paradox.”
Joyce Carol Oates

Pen Name: Not Applicable 
Wrote: 1800 poems
Concept: Religion, Death, and Life. 
Lived in: Amherst, Massachusetts, America
Recommended work: “Hope is the thing with feathers”

1. Virginia Woolf (1882-1941)

“In a work of a writer of genius, we rediscover our own neglected thoughts.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pen Name: None Self Published
Wrote: Ten Books and more short stories
Concept: Gender roles, emotion expression, character development, and time
Lived in: Lewes, United KingdomRecommended work: “Mrs Dalloway” and “A Room of One’s Own”

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