Trained German Shepherds Shows a 95% Success Rate in Sniffing Out Coronavirus

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Weeks of trials have produced positive results at a veterinary school and research centre in l’École Nationale Vétérinaire in Maisons-Alfort, where researchers say their German Shepherds have been trained to detect coronavirus. 

During the trial, the dogs had to identify the the virus by smelling sweat samples taken from possible people who were infected by the virus Covid-19.

The school partnered with hospital Beaujon de Clichy to collect sweat samples from both infected and non-infected subjects. Those sweat samples were then soaked on pieces of cotton wool which were placed inside metal cones. 

The dogs then used their sense of smell to identify whether the sweat sample inside the cone was infected or not. 

And the results, 95% of cases, the dogs were correct.


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