10 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

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1.Hailey Baldwin -Bieber – US$5k
It’s given by Justin Bieber. The ring was said to be around 6 to 10 karats.
It was picked in a private jeweler shop in Solowco, New York City.

2.Kim Kardashian – West- US$2M -US$4M
It’s given by Kanye West. The first ring was said to be 15 karats. Designed by Lorrain Schwarz. The second ring was said to be US$4M and is 20 karats. Sadly it got taken when she was robbed in Paris.

3. Beyonce – more than US$5M
It’s given by Jay Z. The ring was said to be 18 karat emerald cut with a flawless diamond solitaire set in platinum. It has also gained value through the years and was designed by Lorrain Schwartz. 

4.Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge – US$400k
It’s given by Prince William  Duke of Cambridge. One of the worlds Famous Sapphire ring previously owned by Princess Diana. It’s 12 karat oval blue surrounded with 14 solitaire diamonds set in 18 white gold. Was designed by Jared & Co. It was said to be originally US$36k thousand dollars when Princess Diana owned it. But now is valued at nearly US$400k.

5. Paris Hilton – Zylka- US$2M
It’s given by Chris Zylka.
The center stone and the surrounding stones are a little bit over 22 karat. It’s a platinum, split-shank ring with a halo around the center stone. Took five to six months to find the perfect pear-shaped.

6. Jennifer Lopez – Affleck – US$2.5M
It’s given By Ben Affleck. The 6.1 carat pink diamond from Harry Winston 2002. It was given back after they broke up in 2004, and put on sale. 

7.Mariah Carey
It’s given by James Packer. The 35 karat diamond platinum engagement ring. It was designed by New York  based Jewelry Designer Wilfredo Rosado, a close friend of Mariah. It took two weeks to design and construct, with workers working 12 hr days to construct. 

8. Melania Trump -US$1.5M
It’s given by Donald Trump. Trump told the New York Times; Graff Diamond Slashed the price to get publicity. The Chairman of Graff Diamond Laurence Graff said that Trump was not given any favors in 2005. The 15 carat ring is worth more than US$1.5M.

9. Jennifer Aniston -Theroux -US$460k
It’s given by Justin Theroux. It was said to be 8 karat. The emerald-shaped with tapered diamond baguettes on the sides.

10. Lady Gaga – Cerino- US$300k to $400k
It’s given by Christian Cerino. The ring is 6 to 7 carat pink sapphire with a diamond halo 3 to 4 carats. Experts said this ring is a rare padparadscha sapphire retail worth US$300k to $400k.

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