Airline Cabin Crew now Thai GrabFood rider using his Ducati.

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As Thailand’s tourism suffers a almost a total shutdown from travel restrictions due to the new pandemic, employees in the industry have been forced to improvise to survive.

Kosit delivers using his Ducati

Kosit Rattanasopon, 37-year-old, worked as cabin crew for Orient Thai Airlines until the coronavirus forced airlines to shut down. He has traded his cabin crew uniform for a delivery driver’s jacket, stylishly ferrying food around Bangkok on his Ducati motorbike since the Thai airline he works for grounded all flights.

Kosit rides around Bangkok delivering essentials. He supplements this by delivering food prepared by his father and sister to their customers who order online. “I know things will not be the same again for at least another year, so I will have to keep doing this,” Kosit told Reuters.


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