Malabon Zoo Pleads Help to Keep Its Animals Alive

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Zoo’s are some of the businesses affected by the Pandemic. While people are staying indoors, there have been no visitors resulting to no ticket sales and no income.

Malabon Zoo owner Manny Tangco, 63, has been spending his savings and borrowing money from his relatives just to keep his animals alive. “We thought that the lockdown would last around two months. With my savings and borrowings from relatives, we knew we could survive the two months but I was wrong,” said Tangco.

Tangco also hangs a banner outside the zoo askig for donations Though he said that he feels ashamed in asking for help, Tangco has no choice and that the animals are his priority and his “number one love.”

He also requested donations be given in cash so that he can ensure the proper food and supplies for the animals. If you want to help, you can send donations here:

BPI checking account number: 4641-0003-32

Account name: Malabon Zoo Foundation

Contact number: 8361-3064


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