MMDA setup isolation facility for their employees exposed to COVID19

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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority build an isolation facility for their employees who were exposed in the COVID19 virus. This is to serve as a holding area for the mandatory 14 day quarantine in accordance of the Department of Health’s procedure to prevent the virus to circulate.

The newly-constructed isolation facility, with a lot area of approximately 800 square meters, is located at the Agency’s headquarters in Makati City.

The facility has been divided into two sections: one for those with negative rapid test result and the other for those with positive result and/or awaiting PCR (throat swab) result.

Each section of the isolation facility has a 24-bed capacity equipped with shower rooms, comfort rooms and lavatories. The rooms are fully-air conditioned, with wi-fi connection and will be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

According to Lim, MMDA employees who are waiting for the release of their PCR (throat swab) results will also be accommodated at the isolation facility.

“As the MMDA Chairman, my primary concern is to ensure the health and safety of our personnel including their families during this unprecedented public health crisis. Much has been done already and having these isolation facilities greatly remind our personnel that we are always looking after their immediate need and welfare” Lim pointed out.


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