San Francisco Based Nurse No HIV Reported

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On May 16, a picture posted by Daniel Storms of a man named Mike Schultz, went viral on social media where he stated:

 “I wanted to show everyone how badly being sedated for 6 weeks on a ventilator or intubated can be,” Schultz wrote. “The pic on the left is me shortly before I got sick with Coronavirus. I hope it opens some eyes to those who think they’re not at risk. I had no prior medical issues.”

Some have insinuated, or seem to have more information than others and provided this is a comment.

We tried to look up if there’s any information on his health, others have pointed out. Some have even said it’s because of his steroid use and deprivation of it once treatment started that made it worse for him.


  • He is a nurse based San Francisco
  • He is in a relationship with Josh (See Picture at the Bottom)
  • He did have Coronavirus
  • Received treatment in Boston
  • He’s better now

He said on the interview that he came down with cough on Monday but was able to manage it with cough medicine. By Tuesday, he had spikes of fever of 103 and his breathing kept getting worse.

He said, “It felt like I had water in my lungs.” He was rushed to the ER in Boston. Xray and Swab was taken, which revealed he had pneumonia in both lungs. He was sedated, intubated and brought to the ICU. He says he doesn’t remember much after that.

After 57 days blurred into one another, Schultz confirmed May 14 on Instagram that he has been discharged from the hospital.

We could not find any other information to check if the information provided by others are true. It would be great if someone could help us shed light on a few outstanding questions:

  1. Does he have any other sickness that might have caused complications on his treatment?
  2. What’s the tube for connected to his stomach?
  3. Did he have steroids?

We did not ask Mike for these questions as we feel he has gone enough. We’re just trying to set the record straight as some have come forward with information but we could not find any proof of it. Therefore, we just consider them as “educated guesses.”

Mike and Josh after leaving the hospital


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