SOGO Cares: Donates 800+ Room Accommodations for Health Workers

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One of the biggest motel/hotel chains has opened up to help in the country’s fight against COVID. Some might ask what took them so long, but we all, definitely appreciate this, especially our hardworking, risk everything, health workers.

Logistics was probably an issue in making this happen as sheets have to be changed, rooms cleaned, aircons, hall lights, registrations, room capacities are configured. This is definitely one big administrative task and we cannot simply see it as someone lending their room. Utilities will be used and most those expenses will most likely be absorbed the hotel chain, who is already not earning during these.

In their post, they indicated that it will be for Health Workers during ECQ that involved 800+ rooms in 10 branches located in different key cities with a hashtag, #DahilMahalKitaGustoKoSafeKa

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