Top 10 Cartoon Series of the Decade 2010s

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1. Gravity Falls (2012-2016)

A pair of quirky but supportive twins named Dipper and Mabel head to an isolated town named Gravity Falls to spend the summer with their great uncle Stan or Grunkle, and mystery stirs.

2. Bo jack Horseman (2014-2020)

BoJack Horseman followed an anthropomorphic horse who is a former sitcom star attempting a comeback while also dealing with addiction and depression. He continually tried to dull the pain of his previous bad behavior with vices.

3. Adventure time (2010-2018)

A tale of adventure in post-apocalyptic lands and magical kingdoms. Following Finn and Jake on a quest to save and help princesses and any in need. But also to solve the mysteries of the war.

4. Stevens Universe (2013-2019)

It centers on the Crystal Gems, who live in an ancient beachside temple, protecting the world from evil. They project female forms from magical gemstones that’s the core of their being. The Crystal Gems are Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven, a young half-human, half-Gem boy who inherited his gemstone from his mother, the Gems’ former leader Rose Quartz. As Steven tries to figure out his powers, he spends his days with his human father Greg, his friend Connie, other people in Beach City, or the other Gems, whether to help them save the world or just to hang out.

5. Rick and Morty (2013-2020)

It’s about the infinite adventures of Rick, a genius alcoholic and careless scientist with his grandson. Morty, a 14 year-old anxious boy who is not so smart. Together, they explore the infinite universes; causing mayhem and running into trouble.

6. Infinity Train (2019-Present)

Adventures of a preteen, Tulip Owens is a 13-year-old girl, and her robot companion. Finding herself trapped on a train and is looking for a way out. She meets a robot called One-One, which consists of two spherical robots containing contrasting personalities that can combine into the shape of a basketball. Together they search the train, meeting a cast of strange characters along the way and hoping to find clues that will help Tulip find her way home.

7. Regular Show (2009-2017)

The daily surreal adventures of a blue jay, named Mordecai, and raccoon, named Rigby, duo that attempt to deal with their mundane jobs as groundskeepers at the local park and get into misadventures when they attempt to slack off. 

8. Ok K.O.! Oh Let’s Be Heroes (2013-2019)

In the future year 201X, naive youngster K.O. aspires to be a superhero in a video game-inspired world set in Lakewood Plaza. He becomes the newest employee at Gar’s Bodega, owned by Mr. Gar . The spot for hero supplies and a bonding place for K.O.. He and his co-workers/best friends, human Enid, has a reputation as a level-headed big sister-type, that lacking motivation to help people, and alien Radicles or Rad, is known as a bit of a slacker. Mr. Gar does his best to keep the threesome on their toes by testing them with a variety of tasks.

9. The Amazing world of GUMBALL (2008-2019)

It’s about a young cat named Gumball Watterson and his family and friends. Gumball has a penchant for getting into trouble, often resulting from schemes he comes up with, but he never seems to learn his lesson. Gumball’s best friend is a fish named Darwin, who used to be the family pet until he grew legs and became part of the family. Gumball resents his younger sister, Anais, because she is the smartest member of the family. Gumball’s mother is the breadwinner in the family, working long hours at the rainbow factory, and his father stays at home watching TV and playing video games.

10. Star and Forces of Evil (2015-2019)

Star Butterfly receives a family heirloom wand on her birthday with which she accidentally sets fire to her castle in Mewni. She is sent to Earth as a punishment. There she moves in with the Diaz family. She tries to cope with school life and protect her wand. With the help Marco Diaz. They together fight Forces of Evil to protect her wand.


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