Back and forth between PH Once and Twice

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TWICE had a live stream video at YouTube last April 28, 2020 before releasing their documentary.

On their video, a question was raised about their world tour regarding the segment ‘Global Press Conference.”

What city was the most memorable during the world tour? Please also explain.

TWICE Leader Jihyo answered,
“Honestly it’s just too difficult to choose one city and one group of Once fandom that we connected with. But, if i had to choose one the manila concert was truly memorable we could hear the loud cheers of Once(Twice fandom). Even three hours prior to our concert it almost felt like there was another ongoing concert. Because the cheers were so loud and so energetic and so enthusiastic. It was as if we were able to work of….of that heated response and put together a great performance.”

Her answer moved fans knowing that their loud cheers were acknowledged and received.

PH Once were left with an even more heartwarming surprise when they watched the documentary, in which the members expressed their emotion about the Once PH and the concert in Manila.

Chaeyoung said, “We are about to start the concert in Manila and it sounds as if someone was already performing because the fans are cheering for us. I’m so excited, and I’ll do my best.”

“I had one eye covered. I performed like that, so I felt a bit dizzy. I couldn’t see the right visual field at all, so I had to dance intuitively. Still, I just did it. I wasn’t thinking about anything. And thanks to the passion of the fans, I could make it till the end,” Jeongyeon said.

Sana added, “Like I mentioned before, we could hear fans’ reaction while we were stand by and they practiced so much even before we went out on the stage. I was excited but also worried. But I was anxious for nothing. Nobody seemed exhausted, not for a single moment until the end. It was so energetic.”

Chaeyoung wrapped it up by saying, “It was the best. Out of all the concerts i did in the last four years since the debut. I saw the best, loudest reactions here. It was unbelievable. I didn’t expect the cheering could be this loud, although in such a huge concert hall.”

Soon after, memes and small clips were trending on Twitter in the Philippines. PH Once showing their love and support.

1. #SeizeTheLightPremiere
4. jihyo
6. dahyun
9. Justin Bieber
11. #YouTubeOriginals
14. Misa
15. PH Onces

TWICE documentary is now available on YouTube for premium users and will be released once a week for non-premium users.


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