Dark origins of Disney’s fairy tales

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1. Hunchback of Notre Dame
Original Title: “Notre-Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo
It doesn’t just follow the hunchback deformed bell ringer named Quasimodo but focus on the detail of Gothic Architecture of the Church. Quasimodo is child of the gypsy. Parent exchange her baby for Gudule’s. Friar Frolio raises him out of remembering his own brother. Give him a name, home, and education. Growing up deformed, blind in one eye, hunch back, and mentally special and slow. Becoming the bell ringer he turns deaf. He set out into the world only to be ridiculed and paraded like a clown. There the Beautiful Gypsy Esmerelda dances and attract admirers. One of them being Friar Frolio. Ordering Quasimodo to kidnap but fails. the Captain Phoebus saves her. Having Quasimodo arrested and punished in town square. Gets helped by Esmerelda. He falls in love. The Captain Phoebus tries to land him some high class ladies. One being jealous and seeing her as a threat. She acts trying to cause trouble with Esmerelda. But only for him to switch his attention and they decide to meet. Her confesses her love to the Captain. In the anger of jealousy Friar Frolio. He stabs the captain while in disguise and Esmerelda gets blamed. Gets saved by Qusimodo protects her even without the backing of the church. Only to be cornered by Friar Frolio extorting. He wants her, she rejects the offer and say its better to be hang. Given to the care of the unstable Gudule. She finds out Esmarelda is her daughter and tries to protect her but dies and her daughter gets hanged. Quasimodo protects the church from the gypsies, who are not the enemy but he doesn’t know deaf and miscommunication. Finds Friar Frolio gazing at the dead Esmarelda. Gets karma and thrown into off a balcony dies. He dies holding with Esmarelda.

Below is the video is from the play the wonderful and talented singer.

2. Little Mermaid
OriginalTitle: “Den lille havfrue” (Danish) by Hans Christian Andersen
Little Mermaid was just ten she dreamt to see the surface of the water and the land. But only fifteen years old and above were allowed to. Her siblings and her grandmather told her stories of that they have seen. She had a statue made of ivory of a boy. Turn fifteen, on her first adventure She learns that mermaid do not have soul but humans do and if they love you and marry a mermaid can get a soul. She decide to ask the witch for help. The deal was unfair and painful. Beside giving her tongue to the witch the potion will make it feel like a sword passed between her and walking her feet would feel like she was stepping on knives. and if the prince gets married to someone else shed turn sea foam the next day. Her agree and wash up on the shore. Prince sees her in a platonic way. Caring for the illiterate stranger girl and mute with no knowledge of her being his saviour. He falls for another, her sisters appear with a knife in an attempt to save her. Telling her to kill the prince with it. She doesnt jumps into water turn in one of the daughter on the air. Ladies who do go in order to gain a soul after a few decades.

3. Cinderella
Original Title:”The Little Glass Slipper” by Charles Perrault
The start with a Charming angel daughter and her lonely dad aka widower. Married to a woman with two daughters of her own. Mistreating her and calling her names. Her father was to much in love to notice her misery and scold her if she tried to tell him. The godmother approaches her and the same details. On the second day of the party she leaves her slipper. The glass slipper can only be fit with the owned made for her alone. Going door to door and finds her. She gives it a try. The fairy mother steps in and giving her a make over. Some days later… She gets married and set her sisters up with Aristocrats. The end.

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Original Title: “Snow drop” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
On a snow night, a queen looks out her window and pricks her finger and blood drops on the snow. She wishes her child look like the view she stares at. Wish granted the little grows up. Six years old and lovely and charming. She ask her mirror and the answer made her furious. She as a huntsman to harvest her organs specifically her lungs and liver as a snack with salt. while the draft was to lead her into the forest to be lost. They ended with the version mom died childbirth and stepmom was jealous. The huntsman kill a boar while Snow White running further into the forest. Finds a empty house makes herself at home. Wondering while the number of stuff was in seven. Falling a sleeping the dwarfs find her and charmed left her to rest. The wait for her wake up and they stuck a deal after hearing her story. She is to make dinner and clean to stay. Busted, after she ask the mirror who’s the fairest. The mirror answers with the location of Snow White. Attempts to kill her three times. First was one old peddler woman selling lace and laced up her docile to tightly. Fainting she is found by dwarfs cut it remained alive. Second attempt a poisoned comb. Dwarfs came and pulled it from her head and yet again survived. Lastly the apple. note she was just seven. She got scolded by the dwarf and told not to let strangers in or to buy from them. She became stored inside the dwarfs home in a glass casket. A prince stay with the dwarf fell in love with the dead Snow White. Begged to take her with him promise to care for her. The servants getting tired with moving dead body smacks her and out comes the apple from her throat. She lives and after a candle light super. He proposes and they get married the next day

5. Rapunzel
Original Title: “Rapunzel” by Grimm Brothers
Disneys: Tangled
Note: Summary of the Grimm Brothers Version. 
Rapunzel’s mum was not a King and Queen. Her mum was neighbour to a witch. Her mum being pregnant to her had cravings. The plat was called Rampion where her name came from. Her dad, who was caught stealing from the garden, promised in exchange he give the child to the witch also know as “Old dame Gothel.” After she turn twelve the witch locks Rapunzel in the tower 75 ft height with out exists in a forest. the same lenght as Repunzel’s hair. She had a lovely voice while sing the the prince heard and curious waited. Getting into the towel like all cliches Rapunzelin is uneducated. She later complains about her clothes gets busted for being Pregnant. Punishment is cruel left in the middle of a desert . The prince dishearten by the news tries to take his life. He end up blind and He find her again by the sound of her voice. Reaching her, she carried two infants. But lucky prince chances a break her magical tears can heals the prince. They go home and live together. The end.

6. Sleeping Beauty
Original Title: Sun, Moon, and Talia
Talia, a baby princess, had her future predicted by wise men. Warning the king to stear clear of flax and he did just that. But fate did not change. The king finding her dead turns her home into her resting place. It becomes ruins only to be found by a king from a near by land. Seeing Talia and tries to wake her, thinking she is not dead. Though he gives up in the endeavour and does the deed with her sleeping body. He leaves her. She becomes pregnant and with the help of fairies gives birth to twins. The baby’s somehow suck on her finger without the splinter wake up. Decided to taking care of the babies out of greatfulness. The fairies she care for her kids unknowing of the fact they are hers. King comes back shocked but happy explains the baby. The King had a wife, hearing him chanting names in his sleep investigates. Orders the secretary to sent a letter. Talia sends the kids to the castle. The cook is ordered to add it to the kings food. He gives the children to the care of his wife. Using lambs as substitute. Another letter is sent this time Talia and learn she’ll be burn on a stake. Quick thinking, she begs to leave her beautiful clothes before she dies. The queen agrees. Talia slowly strips and cried loudly hoping for help to arrive. The king had left for a few days ago comes back and saves Talia. The queen confesses her crime. The queen and secretary is execute. The cook speaks the truth and rewarded riches. The End.

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