Online Pageant is Possible But With Challenges

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When governments announced that all mass gatherings are not allowed, that included live events. A pageant’s pulse runs on that live event. However, some organisers have now opted to run an online pageant for now. Though it may sound easier as coordination will no longer will involve suppliers, venues and arrivals, there will be other challenges to make this happen.

Here are what we think the challenges will be for online pageants:


Like it or not, when the emcees start screaming through their microphones, pageants have a certain buzz when it begins either via a mall tour, orphanage visit or the coronation night itself. There’s just nothing like a live event with booming speakers, the glam of renowned judges and screaming supporters.


Introductions, interviews, pre-pageants, and talent portions will all be done via recorded video. The editing team will heavily rely on the phone camera, phone microphone and lighting of the contestant at home.

In this video, we can see that Ms Oklahoma USA 2016 was shot and edited by a pro.
Here, competing in the same pageant, Ms USA 2016, Amanda Bell, Ms Tennessee USA 2016, probably just used a laptop or phone to record it on her own. It’s not bad.


Pageants in 3rd world countries might not be able to conduct live interviews as contestants might not have the best internet service. Pre-recorded videos are most likely the way to go. FYI, some pageants give their questions ahead of time anyway.


Some may see it as a competition. Some may not like each other, but many become friends. The journey on its own is something candidates and organisers cherish for the rest of their lives.


Sponsors will be sponsors. Most have preferred to be exposed in the event. However, almost the whole world is currently living online so there might be something there. Organisers might have to find a way to get companies/individuals to join in as sponsors for the event. There’s currently a lot of online advertising has been happening so we don’t see why not do it via an online event.

Will it be difficult? Probably but coordinating with provinces, suppliers, sponsors and other people is also a monumental task so it’s nothing organisers have never seen before. It’s just a different type of challenge for them, which we look to see them overcome.

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