East Africa Faces Triple Threat: COVID19, Locusts and Floods

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Locusts — primarily affecting Central Kenya, Southern Ethiopia and Somalia at the moment — “because of the unusual wet weather over the past 18 months it has created a perfect breeding ground,” according to Bloomberg.

“Coronavirus could kill, but hunger kills many more people,” said by Akinwumi A. Adesina, the president of the African Development Bank. Adesina wrote that desert locusts can “ consume crops in one day that can feed approximately 35,000 people,” and in East Africa, where approximately 20 million people are affected.

Aside from locusts, Floods are also one of the catastrophes that East Africa is facing right now. When the town of Uvira experienced torrential floods in late April which affects 80,000 people sweeping away houses and 25 lives each day.

Source: http://nd-floods-east-africas-triple-dilemma/

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