Ilocos Sur, Philippines: A Teacher Provides Fish and Vegetables To His Students Families.

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Emil Bal-iyang of Ilocos Sur has been providing fresh harvest of fish and vegetable to feed the families of his students who were affected by the community quarantine.

Teacher Emil Bal-iyang of Lamag Elementary School in Quirino, Ilocos Sur, together with his co-teacher Frederick Daumen decided to provide fresh fish from his own pond to families of his Grade 6 students.
Before the Luzon-wide lockdown was implemented, teacher Emil’s class plans to have a picnic with their parents near the river to celebrate their graduation. But now under quarantine, the plan had to be postponed.

“It is true that teachers are not only excellent in teaching different subjects. Like sir Emil, he managed to take care of his fish pond in the river and plant vegetables so his students have food to eat. Just like what he said, ‘when you plant, you can harvest, and have something to eat.” said by his co-teacher.

As classes are postponed, Teacher Emil also serves in the frontline checkpoints of his barangay.


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