Indonesian Clothing Maker Shifts from Armani & Prada to HazMat Suits to help fight COVID19

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An Indonesian company and also a maker of clothes for Prada and Armani is now producing millions of hazardous material suits after the government called for help fighting Covid-19.

PT Pan Brothers, also a maker for Adidas are producing PPE’s and millions of face masks every week to provide protection to front liners. As of now, they’re focusing to provide it to Indonesian front liners and soon to Europe, Australia and the U.S.

“We have already produced the first batch, which we committed to the government, which is 10 million masks and 100,000 jumpsuits,” Pan Brothers Vice Chief Executive Officer Anne Sutanto said in an interview. “We already delivered it all. Now we are in the second phase which is up to 100 million masks, 10 million disposable jump suits and one million washable jumpsuits.


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