USA: Road to 100k Loss of Lives

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Yes. We hope we are exaggerating.

Italy, for a couple of months this year was the epicenter of COVID-19 until USA ran them over. The Italian Doctors have had to choose patients who had the best chance of survival while letting others hope for a miracle. Videos have come out from Italy where they have warned the world not follow their lead.

They told us to wear our masks, stay at home and practice social distancing. Countries like Taiwan have led the way in flattening the curve with stricter pre-cautions as they ignored statistics provided by the WHO and China.

That is not the identity of the Americans. No one can tell them what to do. For them, it’s their choice if they get sick. Who cares if New York hospital workers are drowning from overwork. We kid you not.

In recent weeks, protesters have come out, without masks, to show solidarity and be against the stoppage of work and life. Some have taken a religious approach saying, “we will not take the mark of the beast,” as they referred to a vaccine. A pastor still held a church service despite of warnings. He was later arrested. As for others, this violates their freedom.

COVID19 Cases from

Should the protests continue without masks, proper hygiene and social distancing along with the elderly and high-risk individuals, numbers will shoot up. Some have said let them sign a waiver should they contract COVID-19, that hospitals will have the right to treat them, their family or community.

We have to understand that most are worried about economics such as paying their bills, mortgages or other needs. The government will definitely to step in with a better plan on this and they should demand it but not this way.

We surely hope the bleeding stops here and do not wish sickness or death upon anyone. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake up call.

Here are more reports of the widespread protests. Hopefully it does not happen more states:


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