Lamelo Ball Could Own Australian Basketball Team

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Lamelo Ball’s draft stock has had him soar to as high as #1 after not being rated as he went to Lithuania then played in the family owned league, JBL. He then went on to play his final year of High School in Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio, that put him back in the radar of high school rankings.

Given his ineligibility to play college ball in the US, he then decided to play at the National Basketball League in Australia for the slumping Illawarra Hawks, who was led by former NBA star, Aaron Brooks.

Lamelo Ball suddenly lit up the Australian basketball scene and became the most watched NBL player in the world and all his games were in packed gyms. However, he injured his foot and only got play in 12 games with an average of 17 points, 7.5 rebounds and 7.0 assists

His exit was not the best as his abrupt departure was a question mark without saying goodbye to his teammates or coach.

Since his departure, the Hawks has been on a collapse, with the NBL ready to take over the team. Lamelo Ball and his management, led by Jermaine Jackson, has expressed interest in taking over the team and has even come as far as saying, “its a done deal.”

However, the current licence holder is Simon Stratford and no deal has been submitted yet. As far as the Hawks are concerned, here’s their statement:

“The NBL would like to clarify the current situation regarding LaMelo Ball and the Illawarra Hawks.

The league can confirm LaMelo Ball and his management had discussions about being involved with the club while he was playing in the NBL last season.

At this point we are continuing to work with current licence holder Simon Stratford on a number of options for what we hope will be a fruitful outcome for Illawarra and the NBL.

The NBL has final approval on any transfer of licence and no application has been made to date. The NBL has no further comment at this stage.”

Jermaine Jackson sounds like he has big plans for the team and the league though it might take longer for this to take off until COVID19 has been restrained and endorsers have had the chance to recover from their massive losses.


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