Liquor Ban Lifted in Pasay

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When the Community Quarantine was imposed, so was the liquor ban. Several Netizens have taken their stance that this should not be the case, as it is a free country. However, in this lockdown, homes have limited resources and it would not be so wise to have it spent on alcohol, especially for those who have lined up for hours to receive their P8,000 from DSWD.

In April 17, 2020, Liquor companies appealed to the governed to have the ban lifted. The national government said, according to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, that the liquor ban is imposed by the Local Government Units and not all of them have imposed it.

As for today, Pasay City has passed City Ordinance no. 6107, which effectively lifts the ban

This is a victory for some. However, we would still advise everyone to be smart with their finances. Drink according to your means and tolerance. Daily food is still more important for the family.

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