No Free Large Pizza from Papa John’s

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On April 1, 2020 , a facebook post is going viral that says Papa John’s will be giving away 3 Large pizzas to celebrate their 36th Birthday. Users simply have to like their page and comment “done.” The coupon will be available in the next 12 hours.


The page that wants likes added is with over 10k likes.

The official page of Papa Johns Philippines is with over 6.2million likes

We have gone ahead and contacted Papa John’s regarding this to confirm their post and they informed us this this is indeed, fake news and it is a fake page.

They also told us to help them report the page. This is terrible news to go around especially during these times. This is standard practice for people trying to grow a page and will use another brand to do it and then change the name of the page once there are thousands of likes.

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