Should We Still Believe COVID-19 Stats?

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Recently, netizens have been coming out on social media and have accused the government(s) of manipulating the COVID-19 death toll by declaring non-covid patients as deaths caused by the virus.

Mark Richards said in his tweet, “my aunt died last week she had cancer for about 3months, and sadly pass away, but on the death certificate she died of coronavirus, when my cousin told the doctor this is bullshit, the doctor replied we are just following Government guide lines my cousin was so angry

We did try to verify his account if it’s a troll or not. We were not able to see any personal info or pictures apart from political tweets or rants.

Bloomberg reported back on March 18, 2020 that majority of the fatalities in Italy die of some other complication.

Another user recalls that her brother was told he had the virus but was not tested. A friend, who works at a nursing home, says, that they were told that all deaths are to be processed as “the virus.”

We were not able to confirm this information as it was probably a comment on a post. Her account was on private as well so there were a couple of pictures of her and a man. The rest were random photos.

Someone related to a front liner has confirmed that there is a virus but the numbers are exaggerated.

We tried locating this user’s social media account but was not able to do so.

At the moment, it would be hard to tell what is real and what is not. Back then, we only relied on mainstream media to help us into decisions. It turns out, some were not so honest as well. Instead, we would advise everyone not to believe everything you read online. Require those that post something to show proof. Hearing from a friend’s first hand experience is better than hearing what a friend read about online.

Manipulation by trolls is at an all time high. Any user can comment on something and we’d all believe it. Let’s not allow them to win.

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