Spanish Man Tries to Avoid Lockdown With T-Rex Costume

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The whole world has been on lockdown. Residents have been advised to stay at home or minimise travel to avoid the spread of the virus.

In Spain, residents are allowed to walk their pets around. However, in a viral video tweeted by the Spanish Police Department, showing someone in a Tyrannosaurus rex suit crossing the street.

The officer approached the T-Rex along with the police vehicle to advise the resident to stay at home.

In their tweet, it says”En estado de alarma se permite el paseo de mascotas acompañadas de una persona, siempre con paseos cortos para hacer sus necesidades. El que tengas complejo de Tyrannosaurus rex no está contemplado.”

Translated via Google:
“In alarm, pets are allowed to walk accompanied by a person, always with short walks to relieve themselves. Having a Tyrannosaurus rex complex is not covered.”

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