Barkley Picked AI #1 in NBA’s Greatest Players of All Time Draft

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In 2011, to kick off the festivities, TNT decided to to gather some of their anchors namely, Charles Barkely, Regie Miller, Kevin McHale, Chris Webber, Steve Kerr and Kenny Smith as acting General Managers for their fantasy teams.

The goal of the event is to draft any player, from any team, from any era. The draft order was determined by number of All-Star appearances and championships were as follows:

  1. Charles Barkley – The Rebounders
  2. Kevin McHale – The Big Green Machine
  3. Reggie Miller – Boom Baby Daggers
  4. Chris Webber – Super Friends
  5. Steve Kerr – The Luc Longley Express
  6. Kenny Smith – Aim High

Charles was able to pick on the first round and it would be reversed on succeeding rounds as Kenny would get the 1st pick on the 2nd round.

A few interesting things happened.

  1. Kevin McHale only drafted players that wore the a Boston Celtics jersey. There was enough greatness in his team.
  2. History repeats itself as Michael Jordan was only the 3rd pick in the draft. Reggie Miller could not believe it when it was his turn in the 1st round. Kevin McHale picked Larry Bird at number 2.
  3. The biggest surprise was the Allen Iverson as the #1 pick by Charles Barkley. To be fair with him, it would be an All-Star fantasy draft, which he explained would be point guard dominated, only to realise that it wasn’t when it was too late.

Please bear in mind that this All Time Draft was in 2011. It was before Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry were champions.

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