Sibling Uses Jollibee Chicken for Adobo

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COVID-19 lock down has been hard for everyone. Stores, restaurants and fast food chains have been closed but later been allowed to open. However, lines have been long just to get a regular meal to fill a craving.

Jollibee stepped up to the plate and has finally decided to release their marinated chicken, that is ready to cook in various groceries. Netizens rushed to the stores and purchased these items.

However, a netizen’s sibling was not informed that the marinated chicken was intended to be friend. Instead, she used the Jollibee Marinated Chicken for her adobo. Who knows how things ended up in their home but this would have caused a war in others.

For all those who will purchase, label the chicken. Inform family members, especially the cooks, that the chicken is intended for frying as it also might end up in the grill. Either way, this is a lesson for everyone

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